Bill Kristol and Ben Ferguson Clash Over Memo: ‘Are We Seriously Still Talking About the Secret Society?!’


Things got heated on New Day this morning as The Weekly Standard‘s Bill Kristol had it out with conservative radio host Ben Ferguson about the Nunes memo and the FBI.

The two squabbled and shouted over each other for much of the segment as CNN’s Alisyn Camerota tried desperately to moderate.

“There’s been no indication that those who have been interviewed at the White House in the Mueller investigation have not been fully cooperating,” Ferguson said. “There has been a ton of speculation that the president wants to shut this down, is going to try to shut this down. He hasn’t fired the people that you would need to fire to shut them down.”

“His supporters should make clear it is unacceptable to fire Rosenstein and to fire Mueller,” Kristol responded, after some back-and-forth about whose turn it was to speak (looks like they need a talking stick). “It’s unacceptable to rally Republicans to delegitimize the senior leadership of the FBI and DOJ. What if they got something wrong on one FISA application?”

“Asking questions is not delegitimizing, Bill,” Ferguson said.

“Is that what Trump’s tweets do, Ben? Was that a question?” Kristol shot back.

Ferguson was incensed: “You have people on the FBI in their own words on the record who talked about, one, not liking the president, two, possibly needing an insurance policy, and three, possibly having a secret society,” he said.

“Secret society! Are we seriously still talking about the secret society, Ben?!” Kristol asked incredulously. “Are you asking questions or throwing a lot of mud?”

“Folks like you and other Republicans that do seem to be bringing up a lot of what you say are really pressing issues that other people think are distractions,” Camerota said to Ferguson.

Watch the full exchange above, via CNN.

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