Bill Kristol on Companies Dropping Confederate Flag: ‘Pathetic Catering to Political Correctness’


The Weekly Standard founder Bill Kristol got into a heated debate with other panelists on MSNBC’s Morning Joe over Amazon, eBay, and other companies’ decisions to stop selling Confederate flags.

Kristol noted off the bat that he had been a public opponent of flying the Confederate flag over the South Carolina State House since 2000. But, he argued, “the left’s used what happened in Charleston to push their agenda. Do we think Amazon and Walmart should not sell memorabilia of the Confederacy?”

“Well you ask them, because they’re the ones who put out that they’re not going to,” host Mika Brzezinski put in. “Yet they sell swastikas…”

“I don’t think they should not sell Mein Kampf. It is an important historical document. People need to read it to understand the Nazi regime,” Kristol said.

But Bloomberg’s John Heilemann strongly disagreed. “If I understand your ideology right, you’re a big fan of the free market, and that companies should make decisions in their rational self-interests about what they should and shouldn’t sell. If Amazon and Walmart decide it’s in their business interest not to sell any given product, they should not sell it. So let’s leave it at that.”

“Let’s not leave it at that–” Kristol began.

“They’re responding to the free market!” Heilemann continued.

“And I’m allowed to have an opinion to say they’ve been– it’s a pathetic pandering to political correctness under pressure.”

Kristol and Heilemann continued to shout over each other for a minute, with Heilemann accusing Kristol of engaging in “trolling” and Kristol knocking the “frenzy on the left” to expunge society of anything that honored Confederate veterans.

Watch, via MSNBC:

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