Bill Kristol on Deep State Conspiracies: ‘What Fringy Websites Once Said is Now Said by Fox News Hosts’


Former Fox News contributor Bill Kristol derided the network on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Thursday morning, accusing its hosts of embracing conspiracy theories of the right-wing fringe.

That happened during a discussion of the claims from GOP lawmakers that texts exchanged between two Trump-hating FBI agents exposed “secret meetings” held “off-sight” by members of the bureau to discuss apparently nefarious deeds. Sen. Ron Johnson said on Fox News earlier this week that he had “an informant” who corroborated the existence of such “secret meetings.”

ABC News said on Wednesday, however, that they obtained the text messages about “secret meetings,” and reported that the comments could have been made in jest.

Morning Joe mocked Johnson for his “conspiracy theories” throughout Thursday’s episode, and Joe Scarborough even opened his interview with Kristol by mocking the Republican senator with a weird (cowboy?) accent.

“I mean, it’s funny but it’s sad,” Kristol replied, before concluding that this saga proves “Bannonism is winning.”

“Look a at the Hill Republicans, look at the conservative commentators, many of them” Kristol explained, “they are now in the possession of serious conspiracy theorizing, paranoia, hostility to basic American government institutions in a way that I would have a year ago would have been impossible.”

Kristol went on to note that while he places some blame on Roger Ailes for the current state of Fox News, “you’re in a different world with what’s happening now.”

“The degree to which this paranoia and conspiracy theorizing, demonizing of people has just become routine,” Kristol lamented. “Ron Johnson was a normal Republican senator.”

“What fringy websites once said is now said by Fox News hosts. What losing primary candidates who got 8% of the vote in some Republican primary somewhere once would have said is now being said by mainstream Republican senators,” Kristol continued. “So that is what is upsetting about it.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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