Bill Maher Mocks ‘Confusing’ New Mask Guidance: ‘The Walmart Shoppers Don’t Know Who to Punch Anymore!’


Comic and political pundit Bill Maher mocked the Centers for Disese Control and Prevention’s (CDC) revised Covid mask guidance, calling the rules “confusing” and asserting that “The Walmart shoppers don’t know who to punch anymore.”

HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher returned Friday night after a month-long break, just in time for Maher to take on the new guidelines, which mainly consist of this new rule for vaccinated people:

To reduce the risk of being infected with the Delta variant and possibly spreading it to others, wear a mask indoors in public if you are in an area of substantial or high transmission.

Maher took on this highly complicated and labyrinthine rule in his opening monologue.

“The CDC put out new mask guidelines now, which, it’s all just so fuckin’ confusing,” Maher said, then adopted a flummoxed demeanor and added “Indoors, outdoors, vaccinated, not vaccinated, masked, not masked. The Walmart shoppers don’t know who to punch anymore.”

“So now we’re back to wearing the mask from the front of the restaurant until the waiter brings the breadsticks,” Maher said, then cracked “It’s called science, people! Sometimes I think we have to cover our faces so other people can cover their ass.”

“And by the way, wash the mask. I see people with very filthy masks out there. ‘I don’t want to get the delta variant.’ Your mask grew the delta variant!” Maher said.

The host then went into a digression about his new need for glasses, which he said featuring progressive lenses.

“All I see now is white privilege,” he cracked.

“Anyway back to the masks, the House of Representatives reinstated the mask thing, and Kevin McCarthy, he’s the leader of the Republicans, he does not want to wear a mask. And Nancy Pelosi called him a moron. Then she remembered wait this is Congress, we have a certain decorum, she said ‘My esteemed moron,'” Maher said.

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