Bill Maher Suggests New Name for Socialism: ‘Let’s Call It Capitalism Plus’


During his latest show, HBO’s Bill Maher called for Republicans to explain why “if socialism is such a one-way ticket to becoming the nightmare of Venezuela, then why do all the happiest countries in the world embrace it?”

After noting that socialist leaning countries — like Norway, Denmark, and Iceland — are among the happiest in the world according to a United Nations study, Maher said the right just doesn’t seem to get it.

“The right has a hard time understanding the concept that we don’t want ‘long lines for bread’ socialism, we want ‘you don’t have to win the lotto to afford brain surgery socialism,” the HBO host said.

His remarks prompted audience applause.

Clarifying, Maher further stressed that he was not calling for pure socialism but socialism as a supplement to capitalism, something he insisted in the right mix is “good.”

Maher then added that happiness in the US is dropping while “all the top countries on the [happiness] list are ones with some form of universal health care. All have free or almost free higher education.”

He continued on: “All have strong unions, pensions, and social safety nets. Turns out, freedom from the fear of ending up in a tent below the overpass is a really great freedom. it’s called peace of mind.”

Driving his point home, Maher further suggested conservatives just don’t understand that the right kind of socialism makes people the “freest.”

“Conservatives like to push the canard that unfettered capitalism makes you more free, but actually it’s the right kind of socialism that makes you the freest,” Maher said, hammering his point home. “In fact, let’s not even call it ‘socialism.’ Let’s call it ‘capitalism plus.'”

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