Bloomberg Campaign Manager Defends 2020 Run: ‘Right Now, Donald Trump Is Winning’


Kevin Sheekey, Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign manager, went tete-a-tete with CNN’s Kate Bolduan as he defended his boss’ decision to jump into the 2020 race.

Sheekey started things off by offering a pessimistic view of the 2020 Democratic field, saying Bloomberg decided to jump in the race “because he thinks that Donald Trump is an existential crisis and he thinks [Trump’s] on a path to victory.” After Sheekey lauded his boss’ political impact, Bolduan noted that she spoke to Bloomberg back in September, and he told her “when you look at the layout of who is going to vote and where the country is, I would be very unlikely to get elected.”

“That was eight weeks ago. What has changed?” Bolduan asked.

Sheekey referred to a number of polls from several swing states, saying “that’s the whole general election, and right now, Donald Trump is winning. He is winning that election.”

“It’s very tough for people who don’t live in New York or California to understand that, but that is what’s happening,” he continued. “Mike was doing everything he could from the sidelines and he finally decided it wasn’t enough to sit on the sidelines and he needed to do what he could to alter that dynamic.”

Sheekey and Bolduan went on from there by challenging each other on whether Bloomberg has enough momentum to launch a viable campaign. The CNN host noted that Bloomberg’s entry is a statement about the current state of the race and that Bloomberg previously said he wouldn’t enter the race because he would split votes with former Vice President Joe Biden.

“How is this not a complete vote of no confidence in the Joe Biden candidacy?” Bolduan asked.

Sheekey’s answer:

“What we see is a process, right, which is not involving Americans from one end of the country to the other and is allowing President Trump to run the election that he wants to run in those states and those congressional districts around the country. The best analysis I saw today, the most rational analysis comes from one of the most frightening people you can think of: Steve Bannon. Steve Bannon focused on the idea that there are 31 congressional districts in this country which fundamentally swing.”

Bolduan shook her head at Sheekey’s citation of the former Trump administration chief strategist, and she warned him “Steve Bannon giving you the analysis you want to hear is not something you want to run on.” Sheekey stuck to his point that Bloomberg will run his campaign with a focus on his record that will appeal to those 31 districts.

Watch above, via CNN.

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