Bob Woodward Gives Colbert a Simple Two-Word Answer to Trump Calling Him a Liar: ‘I’m Not’


Among several zingers and biting assessments, journalist and author Bob Woodward‘s simple two-word answer when The Late Show host Stephen Colbert asked him how it feels to be called a liar by the President Trump was especially memorable Monday night.

“How do you feel when the president tweets about you,” Colbert asked. “I think he’s called you, what he said, ‘Woodward book is a scam’, ‘don’t talk the way I am quoted if I did I would not have been elected president’, ‘these quotes were made up’, ‘the author uses every trick in the book to demean and belittle, I wish the people could see the real facts and our country is doing great’.” All were quotes from Trump tweets.

Colbert asked for Woodward’s reaction. “How do you feel when the president says you’re lying?”

“I’m not,” said Woodward.

After a delayed reaction the crowd applauded his response. He went on to say that the contest in America is for the truth. “What is the truth?”

“I’m willing to put myself out here, I’ve done the work, this is the best reporting you can do, or that I can do,” said Woodward. “Look he has his First Amendment rights, he can say anything, but the great editor at the Washington Post, Ben Bradley, during Watergate, used to always say when there was a contest back and forth that, he said ‘the truth emerges.'”

“The truth will emerge on this too,” he concluded.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of CBS.

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