Breonna Taylor Family, Activists Condemn Kentucky AG: He is ‘Committed to the White Supremacy He is Upholding’


Breonna Taylor’s family, their lawyer Ben Crump, and activist Tamika Mallory strongly condemned Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron following the decision of the Jefferson County grand jury — with Mallory going as far as to label him “committed to white supremacy.”

Earlier this week, the grand jury decided that none of the Louisville police officers would be charged for the March shooting and killing of Taylor, causing an uproar throughout the nation.

Taylor’s family, along with others calling for justice for Taylor, spoke at a news conference Friday — sharing some harsh words towards Cameron.

Mallory, a prominent civil rights activist, first quoted Cameron’s commitment to protecting the people of Kentucky, calling the statement “a lie.”

“He protected the police, and it did not matter to him one bit that those same officers could have ran in his Black mamma’s house and shot her to death,” she said. “He’s more committed to the white supremacy that he is upholding.”

Mallory noted that Cameron referenced his identity as a Black man during the press conference following the grand jury decision and likened him to the Black men that “sold our people into slavery and helped white men to capture our people.”

“I thought about the shifts that went into Fort Monroe and Jamestown with our people on them over 400 years ago and how there were also Black men on those ships that were responsible for bringing our people over here,” she said.

“That is who you are Daniel Cameron. You are a coward. You are a sellout and you were used by the system to harm your own mamma, your own Black mamma. We have no respect for you, no respect for your Black skin because all of our skin folk ain’t our kinfolk. You do not belong to Black people at all.”

Taylor’s aunt Bianca Austin also spoke at the news conference, reading a statement from Taylor’s mother Tamika Palmer, which similarly called out Cameron.

“I never had faith in Daniel Cameron to begin with,” read Austin. “I knew he was too inexperienced to deal with a job of this caliber. I knew he had already chosen to be on the wrong side of the law. The moment he wanted the grand jury to make the decision, what I had hoped is that he knew he had the power to do the right thing, that he had the power to start the healing of this city. That he had the power to help mend over 400 years of oppression. What it made me realize is that it will always be us against then.”

Palmer’s statement went on to say that she has no faith in the police or in the nation’s legal system — labeling each person that failed her daughter Breonna and calling the officers who killed her “terrorists.”

“Cameron alone didn’t fail her, but it ended when the lack of investigation failed her, the officer who told a lie to obtain the search warrant failed her. The judge who signed the search warrant failed her. The terrorists who broke down her door failed her. The system as a whole has failed her,” she said. You didn’t just rob me and my family, you robbed the world of a queen.”

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