Brian Stelter: Did the Emmys Normalize Sean Spicer’s ‘Usual Dishonest Behavior’?

Sean Spicer appeared at the Emmy Awards last night in a self-mocking and funny bit in which he referenced his first appearance as White House Press Secretary back in January of this year. But it appears that this cameo — in which he assured host Stephen Colbert that this Emmy Award show “will be the largest audience to witness an Emmys, period” — has brought some controversy with it.

As we noted earlier, “blue check Twitter” seems particularly aggrieved by the Spicer bit, which was a cue taken by Brian Stelter during a very early appearance on CNN’s New Day this morning.

Framed as a looming debate, Stelter asked from a self-described liberal side of a theoretical argument “are the Emmys lending Spicer a hand? Are they normalizing his usual dishonest behavior from the podium?” Clarifying the perspective, he added “That’s what a lot of liberals say. It was inappropriate for Stephen Colbert to be laughing with Sean Spicer.” Stelter than reported that this bit was Colbert’s idea and that the Emmys host “knew he would get blowback.”

Stelter then pivoted to offering his opinion, offering that Spicer is  “out there looking for consulting gigs, a TV job, joking about his time at the White House,” adding that the former White House Press Secretary’s “credibility issues are continuing to follow him out of the White House even though he’s joking about it in Hollywood.”

Watch the clip above via CNN.

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