Briefing Gets Tense as Several Reporters Yield Questions to Each Other After Sarah Sanders Tries to Dodge

As she conducted the White House press briefing on Tuesday, Sarah Huckabee Sanders faced an avalanche of questions about the FBI’s raid on Michael Cohen. And as she tried to move on, the White House press corps worked together to try to corner Sanders on the topic.

After saying that President Trumpcertainly believes he has the power” to fire Robert Mueller over the raid, Sanders eventually took questions from Jacqueline Alemany of CBS — who tried to ask Sanders how the raid pertains to the Stormy Daniels saga. NBC’s Kristen Welker followed up on Alemany’s question when Sanders refused to answer at first, though the press secretary mostly brushed it off by saying she had nothing to say about Trump or Cohen’s dealings with Daniels.

Welker continued to press Sanders by asking if Trump is going to fire Mueller, Jeff Sessions, or Rod Rosenstein over the raid development. This comes amid the news that Trump’s appointed deputy attorney general personally approved the raid.

“The president appointed Rod Rosenstein,” Welker noted, “so how can he call the raid yesterday a ‘witch hunt’ when it was approved by the deputy attorney general he appointed?”

Sanders slammed the DOJ’s ongoing investigations as a “distraction” propped up by the media, though she continued to take questions about whether the Russia probe is really so unimportant in spite of its findings.

CNN contributor Brian Karem was eventually allowed to ask a question after he yielded to Welker.

Watch above, via CNN.

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