Brit Hume: ‘Thank God’ For White House Officials Who Steal Documents Off Trump’s Desk


In light of the explosive developments from Bob Woodward‘s upcoming book on President Donald Trump, Brit Hume came up with an… interesting take: the president’s critics should be pleased his staffers restrain him.

The Fox News senior political analyst spoke to Bret Baier today about the flurry of information emerging from Fear: Trump in the White House. These revelations range from high-level White House staffers bashing the president (John Kelly on Trump: “He’s an idiot”) to the president bashing his own staffers (Trump on Jeff Sessions: “Mentally retarded”) to officials stealing documents off of Trump’s desk to stop him from doing things.

As shocking as that all is, Hume’s takeaway was that the book proves Never Trumpers wrong. He told Baier:

“There is an account in there of a document he’s about to sign, they came and took it off his desk. What does that say to the people in the Never Trump movement, particularly on the right, who don’t think that people who are serving in the administration should do so, because it participates in this fiasco of a presidency? It seems to me that the lesson to take away from this is: ‘Thank God for the people around Trump who are keeping him on the straight and narrow to the extent they can.’ That’s a service to the country it seems to me, without question.”

Hume then doubled down by taking his argument to Twitter:

Watch above, via Fox News.

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