Cavuto Battles Kudlow in Tense Standoff: You Don’t Sound Like the Larry Kudlow I ‘Respected and Admired’


Several weeks ago — Larry Kudlow and Neil Cavuto were adversaries of a sort, but also allies in the field of cable news financial punditry. Now, however, Kudlow is gone from CNBC — where he served as a contributor — and has joined President Donald Trump‘s administration as Director of the National Economic Council. And now that Kudlow’s got the high-profile gig, Cavuto thinks he’s flip-flopping on positions he held for years.

In a tense battle on Fox News Wednesday, Cavuto grilled Kudlow over what Cavuto believes is the beginnings of a trade war with China — amid proposed tariffs from Trump.

“I hope you are to avoid that kind of thing,” Cavuto said of the tariffs. “But this doesn’t sounds like the laissez-faire, hands off Larry Kudlow I’ve respected and admired all these decades.”

Kudlow fired back, saying that some form of intervention is necessary at this moment.

“I have been an opponent of China for many years, as a free-trader,” Kudlow said. “Because they’re closing markets, they’re closing investment. They’re not playing by the rules of the game. And so what are we supposed to do? We have to react.”

Kudlow then made the nebulous, unverifiable claim that negotiations on NAFTA are proceeding “well.” Cavuto tried to press for details. Kudlow said he couldn’t go any further.

“You want to whisper it in my ear?” Cavuto said, dryly.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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