Cenk Uygur: Kellyanne Conway is Warning People About Trump Through Her Husband


Cenk Uygur is subscribing to the idea that Kellyanne Conway is using her husband George as a vehicle to tell the truth about President Donald Trump.

The Young Turks held a conversation on Monday about Mr. Conway, who’s been active on Twitter lately disparaging the president’s mental health and accusing him of having narcissistic personality disorder. Uygur called this is a “very clear warning” from Conway since it matches what former White House insiders have already disclosed about Trump being “unstable.”

From there, Uygur presented his view that Mr. Conway’s tweets should really not surprise people since they’re most than likely based on what his wife tells him about her job.

“Mark my words…Kellyanne Conway will claim afterward ‘I was trying to send you guys signals,'” Uygur said. “‘It’s my husband! I went home and told him the guys a lunatic! Tell everybody! It’ll be obvious it’s coming from me!'”

Uygur guessed that Mrs. Conway will eventually use that claim as an “excuse” to sell the idea that she was secretly working from the inside to inform the country about Trump. He also supposed that Kellyanne will refer to her public defenses of Trump as a “comically over-the-top” persona, which she will leverage and then discard so she can land a new job on TV after the White House.

Ana Kasparin gave a degree of credence to the theory since it assumes that Mrs. Conway will free herself up through plausible deniability after extorting her White House gig as much as possible. Uygur advised people to not buy into Conway in that scenario, saying that ploy is insufficient compared to Conway saying outright that the 25th Amendment should be used against Trump.

Since this segment aired, Trump and Mr. Conway are now fighting with each other directly, exchanging barbs on Twitter.

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