Charlie Sykes: If Roy Moore Wins, How Will the GOP ‘Be Able to Wipe the Stink’ Off?


Charlie Sykes, the Milwaukee-based conservative radio host who has become a fixture on MSNBC for his relentless criticism of the Republican party, believes the GOP-majority Senate is about to have a new member join their ranks.

“I think that Roy Moore is likely, more likely than not, to be elected,” Sykes said Wednesday on Deadline: White House.

Yes, despite the latest round of polling showing a very tight race between Moore and Democratic opponent Doug Jones, Sykes believes that Moore will prevail despite the numerous claims against him of teen sex abuse. At that point, according to Sykes, it will be time for Senate Republicans who have been talking a big game about their opposition to Moore to put up or shut up.

“[A Moore victory] really then creates this crisis of conscience for the Republicans in the Senate,” Sykes said. “Many of whom have suggested he’s unfit to serve…Would they be able to muster the political courage to expel somebody that had just been elected, or are they just bluffing?”

Sykes went on to say that he thinks a Moore victory would have a lasting impact on the entire party going into the 2018 elections.

“I do think that the real danger here is this is going to consume a lot of political oxygen in the first quarter of the year going into the midterm elections,” Sykes said. “And how will they be able to wipe the stink of, you know, basically sitting next to an accused pedophile in the United States Senate who has the R after his name?”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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