Chris Cuomo Fires Back at ‘Demagogue’ Trump for His ‘Bullhorn from the BS Bully Pulpit’ Threat on Reopening Churches

CNN’s Chris Cuomo dissected President Donald Trump’s unconstitutional threat to force states to reopen houses of worship this coming weekend, pointing to what he says was the president’s pure political demagoguery in an attempt to shore up support among his evangelical Republican base.

During a long soliloquy on his Friday night show, Cuomo reviewed Trump’s earlier, bombastic — and false— claim that he could “override” any state governors who insisted upon ongoing prohibitions of mass gatherings at houses of worship as part of social distancing rules.

“Is this really about making it okay? Being fair? Rewarding people of faith? No. It’s about division and politics,” Cuomo said. “White Christians are not the majority in America, yet religion is a big factor for huge chunk of Republican voters. That’s what this is about for Trump. If you don’t want to believe it, fine, give me a better reason. Show me what it’s about for him. How it’s consistent with anything he’s done around faith or anything else.”

In fact, in new report out Friday Politico reported that Trump’s reelection campaign’s is ‘triggering alarm bells” over the possible loss of political support for the president within his rock-solid evangelical Christian base, due to the public’s highly critical and increasingly unfavorable response to the administration’s coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s telling how the faithful are responding to this bull horn from the BS bully pulpit,” Cuomo noted. “The Southern Baptist Convention is ‘pleased,’ while the Council for American-Islamic Relations ‘slammed’ the idea. This president knows he doesn’t have the power to follow through any more than he can take away money Congress allocated because he doesn’t like the way state is using it. He also knows anything I’m saying right now doesn’t mean a damn to his base.”

“He knows that it’s all about being a demagogue,” Cuomo concluded. “Don’t waste the time of slapping the label of being prejudiced or being a bigot on this president. You’re not going to change minds on that basis and he’s arguably something worse. A bigot, prejudice: what is that usually about? Ignorance, people who were raised a certain way, don’t know any better, uneducated. Or maybe they’re just plain evil. But what’s worse than that? Someone who knows it’s not true, but they know that it’s powerful. And they know if you use it, you’ll play on someone’s animus and prejudice and outrage and they will follow you. That is called a demagogue. And that is what we have to beware today with BS like we saw today.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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