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Chris Cuomo: Trump’s ‘Send Her Back’ Rhetoric Shows He Wants to ‘Make America Hate Again’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo called attention to President Donald Trump who on Wednesday night stood satisfied at his rally as chants of “send her back” echoed through a North Carolina stadium.

“Trump says he wants to make America great again but what he means is make America hate again,” Cuomo said. “Any Republican that hides from the reality or sells it as something else is complicit. This is not right vs. left. It is right vs. wrong.”

Cuomo said that the North Carolina rally showed exactly what the president meant by his “go back” tweets. “You hear the rallying cry. Send her back. Notice the president who says he didn’t mean that, didn’t correct them. So forget about this dispute over what he meant. The proof here now is the silence that will tell you everything,” he said.

Cuomo also pointed to his Monday night interview with Republican Senate hopeful Kris Kobach, who suggested he’d support the president if he were a racist, and Rep. Mike Kelly’s remarks about being a person of color because he is white: “He’s an echo the president is counting on. That’s why he said today he thinks he wins if he says racist things. Stoke fear of others. And get no blowback and probably buy in from the party.”

“Be clear all of you, this is a battle for the soul of the country. I offer this without hype or cynicism,” said a somber Cuomo. “I believe America has never succeeded when she was split. Big developments are product of diversity. The president thinks the way forward is go back.”

“Make America great again is regressive. That’s a fact of his own messaging. Here’s the deal, the president only decides what he offers. You decide what to accept,” Cuomo concluded.

Watch above, via CNN.

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