Chris Matthews Has Questions: Can Trump Be Impeached For Being a ‘Know-Nothing’?

Washington Post columnist George Will devoted his most recent column to President Donald Trump and his concern that the president cannot think or speak clearly, saying that it is a “dangerous thing” that “he does not know what it is to know something.”

Well, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews wanted to know if perhaps a president could be pushed out of office just for not knowing anything.

“Can you impeach someone for just being who they are?” Matthews asked his panel. “Or do they have to do something wrong?”

With the Boston Globe’s Astead Herndon said that maybe that’s a question for Trump’s base if they decide to flip on him in the future, Matthews kept pressing the issue.

“Are progressives willing to get rid of a guy because he’s a know-nothing — he doesn’t know what he’s doing?” the MSNBC host pressed.

He went on to say that the way he sees it, “high crimes and misdemeanors” means something about a crime.

The president has faced mockery and criticism in recent days for seemingly not knowing Andrew Jackson died 16 years before the start of the Civil War. In that same interview, he also remarked that people don’t ask “why was there a Civil War.”

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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