Chris Wallace Says Trump’s ‘Enemy’ Attack on Media ‘Dangerous’: It’s ‘Absolutely Unacceptable’


On Thursday night, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace stopped by The Late Show and battled with Stephen Colbert over his philosophy of covering the Trump presidency.

Colbert began by invoking the immigration speech President Donald Trump gave, which Wallace pointed out that there wasn’t “anything new” said. But that quickly led to a debate about what was “good” about those remarks, something Colbert thought was completely “bad.”

“The idea of three or five or seven-thousand people from another country can just walk up to our border, knock on the door and say, ‘We want in, we want to take jobs here, we want to work here.’ No!” Wallace exclaimed. “A country does need to have borders and there does need to be some kind of system that determines whether or not people are allowed in the country or not. I mean, do you believe — seriously — do you believe in open borders?”

“No, we don’t have an open border. There is a system and 3-5,000 people will not make it here,” Colbert responded. “This has happened many times before and they never do and you know that.”

After continuing a robust debate on immigration and asylum seekers, Colbert accused Wallace of “defending” the president.

“Well, I’m not going to attack him,” Wallace told Colbert.

“Why not?” Colbert asked. “If he lies all the time, why wouldn’t you attack him?”

“Because there are good things and bad things,” Wallace responded. “I mean, seriously.”

“If you pour poison in a cup of water, there’s still water if there!” Colbert shot back. “But I’m not going to drink it because I will be poisoned!”

Wallace then touted economic numbers under Trump, which Colbert argued was a continuation of President Obama’s recovery. However, the Late Show host did concede Trump’s winning battle against ISIS.

“Does he attack you? Has he ever attacked you?” Colbert asked the Fox News anchor. “Are you fake news? Are you the ‘enemy to have the people?'”

“By his lights… I don’t know. Maybe,” Wallace answered. “Maybe a little bit.”

Colbert then asked Wallace if he was “bothered” by Trump’s repeated “enemy of the people” attacks on the media.

“I think it’s outrageous,” Wallace said.

“Do you think it’s dangerous?” Colbert asked.

“Yes, I do,” Wallace quickly answered. “I think it’s absolutely unacceptable.”

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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