Chris Wallace Grills Marc Short on Russia Briefing: Bernie Condemned Putin While Trump Attacked Democrats


In addition to Meet the Press, Mike Pence chief of staff Marc Short appeared on Fox News Sunday to again insist that “there is not intelligence that said that the Russians are trying to help Donald Trump win.”

Chris Wallace confronted Short about the much-reported-on briefing when Trump reportedly went off on his own intel people. He even noted the public responses from both Trump and Bernie Sanders to reports the Russians are helping them, and asked, “While Sanders targeted Putin, why did the president go after Democrats?”

He said there’s a pretty consistent story emerging about the briefing and how Trump’s reaction was to fire Joe Maguire “and to replace him with Ambassador Richard Grenell, a Trump partisan who has almost no intelligence experience.”

Short said Trump has been concerned about leaks from Democrats, especially Adam Schiff. Wallace countered, “You can’t say it didn’t happen and then say they leaked it.”

They argued back and forth and Short repeatedly insisted there’s a lot of “bad information” about what happened.

You can watch above, via Fox News Sunday.

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