Chris Wallace Questions Dem Rep. on Impeachment: Don’t You Need Witness ‘Who Can Take Us Into the Oval Office’?


On Fox News Sunday this morning, Chris Wallace questioned Congressman Jim Himes, a Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, over the lack of firsthand witnesses in the impeachment inquiry thus far.

Wallace said, “None of them had any direct contact with the president, which brings us to Gordon Sondland. Doesn’t your case essentially depend on Sondland, was the only witness you’re going to put up in his public hearings who met with the president? Yes, he did meet with him a number of times, but if he doesn’t say that the president set this condition, this quid pro quo, doesn’t that blow a hole in your case?”

Himes said it doesn’t, pointing to “ample evidence out there” of a “corrupt deal.” He added that the White House is stopping key figures like Mick Mulvaney from testifying, and asked if that’s the “behavior of an innocent person.”

Wallace said it’s a problem if they can’t hear from someone with more firsthand knowledge:

“I don’t know that Richard Nixon, the impeachment investigation — he was never formally impeached, he resigned first — would have been nearly as powerful without John Dean. I’n not sure the Clinton impeachment would have been nearly as powerful without the blue dress. If you don’t have anybody who can take us into the Oval Office, it seems to me that creates a big problem.”

He also asked whether Sondland is particularly credible after revising his deposition, as well as this new revelation of a phone call he was on with the president that he himself didn’t mention.

Himes responded, “It was not lost on Ambassador Sondland what happened to the president’s close associate Roger Stone for lying to Congress, to Michael Cohen for lying to Congress. My guess is that Ambassador Sondland is going to do his level best to tell the truth, because otherwise he may have a very unpleasant legal future in front of him.”

You can watch above, via Fox News Sunday.

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