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Chuck Todd Questions Fauci on Chaos at U.S. Airports: ‘What Went Wrong Here?’

By now you may have seen news of chaotic scenes at a number of big airports across the United States, crowded with tons of people waiting for hours for coronavirus screenings overnight.

The governor of Illinois was pretty pissed off about the scene at O’Hare:

Chuck Todd spoke with Dr. Anthony Fauci this morning on Meet the Press, and brought up the serious crowds of people “being jammed together.”

“What went wrong here?” he asked.

“I don’t think anything went wrong. I think it’s just the nature of the problem,” Fauci responded. “When you have a situation when people are in different countries, there are going to be restrictions, American citizens, their family, others, permanent residences, they can get back. They don’t need to immediately get back because they think they’re going to get left out.”

“They will be able to get back. When they do get back, they’re going to have some enhanced screening. Depending on the country. If you’re in the European group, if you’re now with the UK and Ireland, you’re going to have two weeks of self-imposed isolation,” he added.

Todd also brought up how dire things are in Italy and asked if the U.S. needs to start shutting down bars and restaurants. Fauci said there should be a focus on cracking down on areas with “real, obvious community spread.”

“Everybody has to get involved in distancing themselves socially. If you are in an area where there’s clear community spread, you have to be much, much more intense about how you do that,” he said.

You can watch above, via NBC.

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