Chuck Todd Repeatedly Presses Mississippi Gov. on Whether He Accepts Biden ‘Won Fair and Square’


After weeks of Donald Trump and his allies pushing baseless claims of a stolen election — claims that fueled the violent mob that stormed the Capitol — a number of Republicans and conservatives have called out that “Big Lie” and said GOP lawmakers should be publicly saying the election was not, in fact, stolen.

On MTP Daily Friday, Chuck Todd spoke with Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves and asked him at one point, “Do you agree with Senator Romney, who says a lot could be started if more Republicans would tell the truth about the election, that there was no fraud, it was won fair and square by Joe Biden?”

“Do you think perpetuating that has made this situation worse?”

Reeves didn’t directly respond to Mitt Romney’s remarks and instead said, “People on both sides of the aisle need to recognize that we have to talk to one another, we have to be honest with one another, we have to understand that we’re going to disagree… but again, we are all Americans.”

Todd followed up, “You believe President Biden won fair and square?”

“I believe President Biden is our president,” Reeves said.

He talked about his state’s meetings with Biden’s team on the pandemic and vaccine supply, while adding, “He is certainly our president, and we’re going to do everything in Mississippi to work with him.”

“A lot of people will notice you did not agree with the statement — you didn’t say either way whether you thought he won fair and square,” Todd remarked. “Do you believe the election was won fair and square by Joe Biden.”

Reeves again just said, “There is no question President Biden is our president. He won the states.”

He said he has issues with mail-in voting in some states, while adding, “The fact is that Biden one those states, he was certified in those states, he was certified by the Congress, and he is the president of the United States.”

You can watch above, via MSNBC

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