CNN Anchor Presses Texas Rep. on Whether His Hurricane Sandy Vote Was a ‘Principled Vote’

Congressman Randy Weber (R- TX) spoke to CNN’s Victor Blackwell this morning about the Harvey relief funding request the White House has made to Congress.

The White House is requesting close to $8 billion in funding, and both Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell last night said they’re ready to “act quickly.”

Weber said the discussions are already underway about the overall cost of hurricane relief.

Blackwell brought up Weber’s Hurricane Sandy vote on an amendment addressing funding offsets, and asked, “Will you support and offset for money going to Texans?”

Weber said that “I certainly want to be on top of all of our spending,” and when Blackwell asked again, he said, “I don’t view it as an offset of the people of New York or New Jersey or Texas. I view it as a spending level that says we’ve got to make cognizant hard decisions.”

“Congressman,” Blackwell said, “it really is a yes or no.”

Weber responded, “Not for me it’s not.”

Blackwell asked him more directly, “Was that a principled vote in 2013?”

When Weber told him to “define principles,” Blackwell said, “That you believe that any additional emergency funds should be paid for and not borrowed from or added to the deficit, let’s say that.”

“Well, whenever possible, but both you and I know there are times when it’s not possible,” Weber responded. “We have to be extremely, extremely cautious and try everything we can to tighten our belt when we need to.”

Weber was on CNN earlier this week and Jim Acosta questioned him on his reasoning for voting against Sandy funding.

Watch above, via CNN.

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