Jim Acosta Live Fact-Checks Texas GOP Rep. Over Vote Against Hurricane Sandy Funding


With Texas getting absolutely devastated by Hurricane Harvey — and the damage likely to accumulate more over the coming days and weeks — a lot of attention has been paid to Texas Republicans who voted against relief funding in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy a few years ago. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has already tried to explain away his position back then, claiming that it was due to the amount of pork in the spending bill, taking heat from at least one member of his own party.

However, it appears that Cruz’s excuse doesn’t hold much water, as fact-checkers have looked back and found that the Sandy bill was largely free of additional spending on extra items. So, when a Texas congressman attempted to use pork as a reason he voted against Sandy funding today on CNN, host Jim Acosta called him out on it by pointing to the recent fact-checks.

Acosta pressed Rep. Randy Weber (R-TX) on his voting record regarding Sandy, asking him if he regretted opposing the disaster relief bill in hindsight.

“Jim, I was very clear at the time that there was additional measures thrown into that bill,” Weber noted. “The Smithsonian Institute. A couple parks. $1 million for upgrades, different parks and whatnot. there was what I would call pork attached to that bill which I did not believe belonged on that bill.”

The CNN correspondent jumped in, referring to fact-checking on the bill and pointing out that “there wasn’t really much of any pork in that legislation” and that the amount of additional spending was “very small.” He then asked the GOP lawmaker if he hoped that others won’t play politics with emergency funding for Harvey.

After once again justifying his Sandy vote, Weber went on to state that he feels Congress will come together and get something passed.

Weber and Acosta have some history. Following the confrontation between Acosta and then-President-Elect Donald Trump in January when Trump called Acosta “fake news,” Weber called on Acosta to be fired.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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