CNN Hosts Grill Ted Lieu Over His Trump Name-Calling: ‘Is That a Grown-Up Thing To Do?’


In response to Congressman Ted Lieu of California calling Attorney General Jeff Sessions names and bashing him on Twitter with a number of insults, CNN hosts John Berman and Poppy Harlow grilled the lawmaker on whether that was really “a grown up thing to do.”

Lieu defended his name-calling and questionable behavior during Session’s House Judiciary Committee testimony with the following:

“Because he lied to the US Senate — after he made his statement, evidence came out later [his statements] were in fact false. And by the way, I’m using words that the president of the United States uses on his own Twitter… I’m absolutely highlighting it and until the president changes because I do want to highlight how ridiculous it is.”

“Is that a grown up thing to do, congressman?” asked Berman.

Lieu went onto invoke the famous words of Michelle Obama, when she said, “When they go low, we go high.” However, the lawmaker put a spin it, instead saying, “When they go low, we fight back” — and justified his petty insults by essentially saying the president started it.

“When they go low, we stay low?” a skeptical Berman asked.

“If he calls people names, I’m going to call people names!” Lieu said. “Because I think it’s inappropriate for the president to do that.”

During Sessions’ testimony, Lieu live-tweeted insults at the attorney general — calling him a liar, lobbing Saturday Night Live references at him, and using Donald Trump-style insults.

Watch above via CNN.

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