CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News Cut Away from Trump’s Economic Speech for Coverage of Dow Plunge


This afternoon, President Donald Trump was in Ohio to speak to workers at a manufacturing plant and tout the recently passed tax cuts and the strength of the economy in general. During his speech, he brought up individuals to explain how they’ll be spending their new money, accused Democrats of treason for not cheering him at the State of the Union and claimed they “caught them” with the Nunes memo.

All three major cable news networks were carrying the speech live when some real breaking news got in the way. That news? The Dow Jones was sinking.

One by one, each of the channels dipped away from the president’s address because the DJIA was dropping at an alarming rate. With the Dow approaching a thousand-point plunge — the Dow was down a record 1,175 points at end of business today — CNN, MSNBC and, yes, Fox News all focused their attention on the massive sell-off going on in the stock market.

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny noted that a White House aide found it “jarring” that Fox News pulled away from Trump’s speech to cover the crash.

In recent months, as the stock market has reached record highs time and time again, President Donald Trump has bragged over and over on the numbers, seemingly taking credit for the gains. One wonders if this sell-off continues, will the president take the same level of ownership with the slumping market?

Watch the clips above, via CNN, MSNBC and Fox News.

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