CNN National Security Analyst: Putin Could be ‘Controlling the White House’


CNN national security analyst Samantha Vinograd claimed that “there is a chance”  Russian President Vladimir Putin is “controlling the White House.”

Vinograd made the comment in response to former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe stating top both parties’ congressional leaders and chairs of the intelligence committee — also known as the Gang of Eight — did not object to the news that a counterintelligence and obstruction investigation had been launched into Trump.

The former Obama administration national security official said the Gang of Eight’s non-objection to the probe “means they agreed with the information that the FBI and Department of Justice used to launch this investigation.”

“Andrew McCabe has laid out some of the tidbits of information that led the FBI and department of justice to make this case,” said Vinograd, who made the comments during an appearance today on CNN’s At This Hour. “My question coming out of the news that we heard today on the Today Show is is that investigation still ongoing?”

She continued:

“McCabe has said the president’s moves to undercut Russia-related investigations, to believe Vladimir Putin over his intelligence committee, to make personnel decisions based upon Russia-related matters all led to this investigation. McCabe would have laid that out before the Gang of Eight. Just in the past few days, the counterintelligence red flags are flying a lot higher than they did arguably when this investigation was first launched.”

Vinograd went on to suggest the investigation McCabe discussed on NBC’s Today Show this morning could still be going on.

“It is entirely possible that the Gang of Eight has been briefed on an ongoing investigation because that hasn’t concluded and that other members of the U.S. government were briefed before like the director of the CIA, Mike Pompeo, and that this investigation is continuing,” she added. “There is still a chance that Vladimir Putin is controlling the White House.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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