CNN Panel Battles Fmr GOP Rep Sean Duffy Over ‘Absurd’ Ukraine Conspiracy Theory: ‘Completely Inaccurate and Factually Wrong’


CNN’s State of the Union grew heated on Sunday when former congressman Sean Duffy (R-WI) sparred with his fellow panelists as he gave air to unsubstantiated “conspiracy theories” regarding the Donald Trump-Ukraine scandal.

Duffy, who was introduced as CNN’s newest political commentator, took part in a conversation about White House acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney and his comments last week about a Ukraine quid pro quo. When Duffy jumped into the discussion, he dismissed the investigations of Russia’s 2016 election interference before saying “what Mick Mulvaney said was Donald Trump said let’s look and get the [DNC] server.”

Duffy was referring to how Trump and his allies have repeatedly claimed that the Democratic National Committee’s hacked server is located in Ukraine, plus Ukraine might have been responsible for the hacking instead of Russia. This claim has been swatted down by former Homeland Security advisor Tom Bossert, so when Duffy brought this up, former White House communications director Jen Psaki countered him and said “this is the disputed absurd conspiracy theory you’re talking about.”

“It may be,” Duffy responded, “but he said I’m investigating the 2016 election.” This was met with retorts from Amanda Carpenter, who noted that U.S. intelligence has also refuted the Crowdstrike theory.

“What you are stating is completely inaccurate and factually wrong,” Psaki continued. “It is a conspiracy theory on the right wing.”

“Why does this table disagree with the point we should look at 2016?” Duffy asked.

“Because we already know what happened,” Carpenter answered.

Duffy continued to defend Trump even after Tapper invoked Bossert, and to that point, Duffy was asked “Do you think that is a waste of taxpayer money?”

Watch his answer above, via CNN.

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