CNN: Trump’s Legal Team ‘Baffled,’ DOJ Officials ‘Angered and Confused’ by Mulvaney’s Wild Press Conference


CNN reported Thursday that President Donald Trump’s legal team is trying to distance itself from acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney’s wild press conference.

Brooke Baldwin reported that sources told CNN Trump’s legal advisers were “baffled” by Mulvaney confirming there was a quid pro quo with Ukraine to get the country to investigate the Democratic National Committee for Trump.

“Sources are telling CNN that Trump’s legal team is, quote, baffled,” Baldwin said.

CNN reporter Sarah Westwood elaborated.

“A source familiar with the reaction inside the legal team said people there are a little stunned after watching what happened,” Westwood said. “Jay Sekulow, one of the president’s lawyers, said the legal team wasn’t involved in preparing Mulvaney for that briefing and the source said that the legal team did not view what they saw as helpful to the president’s efforts to try to fight these impeachment inquiry charges.”

“Sources also tell our colleague Evan Perez that Justice Department officials were angry and confused while Mulvaney was explicitly tying the president’s desire to see politically advantageous investigations to the decision to suspend the aid. So what we’re seeing is just a lot of shock from the people who are supposed to be defending the president against this very allegation of quid pro quo right now,” Westwood said, citing this CNN report.

“If the White House was withholding aid in regards to the cooperation of any investigation at the Department of Justice, that is news to us,” A DOJ official reportedly told CNN.

Watch above, via CNN.

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