CNN’s Acosta to Huckabee Sanders: Why Did Trump Have Sessions Announce His DACA Decision?

During her Tuesday press briefing, Sarah Huckabee Sanders faced questions about why President Trump declined to personally announce his decision to end DACA.

Trump released a statement about his decision earlier today, but it came after the formal announcement was made by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Sanders faced a lot of questions about the decision today, and CNN’s Jim Acosta asked why the president decided not to announce his own decision.

“Why did the president not come out and make this announcement himself today?” Acosta asked. “Why did he leave it to his Attorney General? It’s his decision. These kids, their lives are on the line because of what he’s doing.”

Sanders answered by saying the DACA program was an illegal executive act, and therefore “it would be the Department of Justice to make a legal recommendation, and that’s what they did.”

Earlier in the press briefing, Sanders took swipes at Congress for not coming up with a permanent solution for DACA recipients in the past. Sanders said the White House expects the legislature to do their job, and they should step aside if they find that they can’t.

Watch above, via CNN.

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