CNN’s Alisyn Camerota Spends Uncomfortably Long Time Asking Dr. Fauci About Brad Pitt


CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota took a lighthearted moment with Dr. Anthony Fauci into awkward territory when her questioning about actor Brad Pitt’s portrayal of the superstar epidemiologist went on a little bit too long.

On Thursday morning’s edition of CNN’s New Day, anchor John Berman tossed to Camerota after interviewing Fauci on the raging coronavirus pandemic by telling Fauci “my co-anchor has some important questions for you.”

“I have been listening with rapt attention, but I feel like John didn’t get to the really burning question that America has for you,” Camerota said, “and that is: Did you hear that Brad was nominated for an Emmy for playing you?”

“Yes I did,” Fauci aid with a laugh. “What a surreal world we’re living in, Alisyn. I mean I hope he wins. He’s a great actor, I mean he’s one of my favorite actors so I really do hope he wins.”

Fauci had a similar reaction when he learned, last week, that Pitt was nominated for his portrayal of the anti-viral sensation on NBC’s Saturday Night Live.

“Have you spoken to him since he played you?” Camerota asked.

“You know, I have not,” Fauci said. “I would love to meet him because I’ve been such a great admirer of him and his talent, but I have not spoken to him.”

“I feel like we can make that happen, Dr Fauci,” Camerota joked, to an amused Fauci. “I feel like we, you know, you and I have the power to have you meet Brad because I sort of feel like anything you and I suggest, he does.”

It was Camerota who first suggested to Fauci that Pitt portray him on the sketch comedy mainstay back in April.

“We’ll see. We’ll see. Thanks Allison,” Fauci replied.

“Oh, I’m not done with you, Dr Fauci,” Camerota said, and asked “Would you like to go up on stage when he wins, would you like to be there to help accept the Emmy award?”

“Yeah. You know, Allison, the only reason I have hesitancy about that is that we’re in the middle of an outbreak, a bad pandemic, and I think that if that association with that kind of show business thing might be misinterpreted that I’m not serious about what I’m doing. So I’d rather focus on my job and really wish him well that he wins,” Fauci replied earnestly.

“I was afraid there was going to be a point that I pushed you too far,” Camerota said with a laugh. “And I feel that we have just gotten up to that point. But we really appreciate how playful you have been on the lighter note with all of that, and it was just great, it was just a great moment to watch, obviously Brad Pitt is a fan of yours and all your information as well.”

“Yeah, thanks thanks Alison, appreciate it,” Fauci said.

“Not handsome enough, Brad Pitt. That’s the one thing I will say. The one inaccurate point there Brad Pitt. Not quite good looking enough,” Berman joked.

Watch the clip above via CNN.

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