CNN’s Anderson Cooper Compares Trump to Autistic ‘Rain Man’ Over Obsession With Hillary Clinton’s Emails


CNN’s Anderson Cooper went to the boundaries of political correctness to criticize President Donald Trump‘s performance at the presser in Helsinki, Finland Monday with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I just can’t imagine being Vladimir Putin and actually hearing the president of the United States go back to the well of Hillary Clinton‘s server and the 30,000 e-mails and all this stuff,” Cooper said to colleague Dana Bash. “Which he’s been like Rain Man going back to time and time again for years now, but to hear him on the world stage doing that standing next to Vladimir Putin, I mean with all the research Putin has done, it’s got to have been a surreal moment for Vladimir Putin.”

He then repeated: “It’s like Rain Man, going back to this thing time after time.”

“In the president’s mind, he hears Russia, he hears election meddling, he hears my presidency is illegitimate and that’s why the president does that,” Bash replied.

“Now, the president argues that Russia is winning because of the political tumult here because of Mueller’s investigation. But we can’t let that stand,” she continued. “I mean, Mueller’s investigation is trying to get to the bottom of what Russia did and whether any Americans were involved in it. It is not helping, that is not helping Russia win until and unless President Trump calls the investigation illegitimate. That is what gives Vladimir Putin a victory.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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