CNN’s Brianna Keilar Stunned at Reports of Trump Troop Drawdown: ‘Who Does This? Who Drops Something Like This in the Lap of an Incoming President?’


CNN’s Brianna Keilar was stunned Monday after the network broke news of the Pentagon being told to plan for an announcement from President Donald Trump this week about a troop drawdown in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Barbara Starr told Keilar that this is what last week’s Pentagon “purge” was likely about, given the concerns from U.S. commanders about the consequences of withdrawing now. Kaitlan Collins added that Trump “has been frustrated it hasn’t happened yet.”

After Collins’ report, Keilar immediately asked her panel, “Who does this? Who drops something like this in the lap of an incoming president?”

“No one, other than Donald Trump,” Gloria Borger said.

She noted how Trump has talked about getting America out of endless wars, but Keilar added, “He’s not getting out of these wars. It’s not like he’s ending it! He’s just handicapping the next guy who has to deal with it.”

“That’s part of his calculation, if there is a calculation behind it,” Borger added.

Abby Phillip said part of this is likely about “weakening Joe Biden as much as possibly, for purely political reasons.”

“He’s also trying to build a foundation upon which Republicans can continue to succeed with Trumpism. And in order to do that, he has to be able to say, ‘I promised to get us out of these foreign wars,’ and the Democrats want to keep us in these foreign wars. A lot of this is about being able to have a rhetorical platform for the president, but as you point out, there are obvious real-life consequences,” she added.

You can watch above, via CNN.

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