Cuomo Grills Netanyahu on Whether Israel Has Nukes: ‘Do You Have Them or Not?’


On Tuesday, CNN’s Chris Cuomo grappled with Benjamin Netanyahu as he tried to ascertain whether Israel possesses nuclear weapons.

The Israeli Prime Minister made the rounds on American media today as a follow-up to the press conference where he put forth his evidence that Iran lied about its nuclear weapons program ahead of the nuclear deal. Since Bibi’s main charge is that Iran is lying to the world about their nuclear capabilities, in the name of “disclosure” Cuomo asked him if his country has those same kinds of weapons.

“Does Israel have nuclear capabilities and nuclear weapons, yes or no?” Cuomo asked.

Netanyahu dodged, to which Cuomo pressed, “That’s not an answer to the question. Do you have them or do you not?”

“That’s as good an answer as you’re going to get,” Netanyahu replied. He pointed out that Iran signed commitments regarding their nuclear weapons program, and “calls daily” for the annihilation of Israel.

“If disclosure matters so much, what message does it send when you won’t confirm something that is widely believed by the entire international community?” Cuomo pressed. “How does that inspire the spirit of disclosure?”

The Israeli prime minister replied that, “You can make all your assumptions. One thing is clear: Israel is not threatening the annihilation of any country.” He continued to argue that other Middle Eastern countries want the same nuclear arsenal Iran has, which would dangerously destabilize the region.

Watch above, via CNN.

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