CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin Hammers Jeff Glor Over Excerpt of Trump Interview: ‘Ask Him a Tough Question!’


CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin did not exactly have a good review of Jeff Glor‘s performance during a short clip of his interview with President Donald Trump for CBS Evening News.

On Wednesday afternoon, CBS released a short clip of the interview — which will air in full on Wednesday evening — in which Trump talks about Russian President Vladimir Putin‘s responsibility for election meddling.

Based on that short clip alone and not the full interview, Toobin accused the CBS Evening News anchor of soft-balling the Commander in Chief.

After airing a clip of Trump’s interview with Glor that was released shortly before the broadcast, the panel talked about how Trump has been “all over the place” when it comes to his responses about Putin and Russian election meddling.

That is when Toobin jumped in.

“Hey, Jeff Glor! Hey, Jeff Glor! Maybe you should ask him a tough question,” Toobin piped up. “Oh, my God. Is that the interview?”

Host Wolf Blitzer then told him it was not the interview “just an excerpt.”

But Toobin wasn’t done yet.

“Oh well, I guess that settles it,” he continued on. “Why didn’t you ask him, why didn’t you say, if you believe that Russia did the meddling, why didn’t you say it when you were standing there? I mean, you know, Jeff Glor looked so terrified sitting there. I don’t know what he was doing.”

Blitzer then repeated that was only a short minute or so excerpt.

“That’s the part CBS wants us to see?” Toobin asked.

“That’s the part they released,” Blitzer replied.

Toobin was clearly still not impressed.

“Oh boy. I can only imagine what the rest of it is like,” he told the panel before the conversation mercifully moved on.

Watch above, via CNN.

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