Ana Navarro Pans Joe Biden for Not Running More Impassioned Campaign: ‘Giving Me Jeb Bush Acid Reflux’


CNN commentator Ana Navarro isn’t particularly enthused with Joe Biden‘s 2020 campaign so far, and she thinks the former vice president really needs to turn up the heat if he wants to stand a chance against President Donald Trump.

Navarro was on New Day for a conversation on CNN’s polling data showing Biden still in the lead among Democratic voters while the field grows increasingly close for the second place slot. As the panel dissected the implications of their findings from Iowa, Navarro noted that Biden’s competitors are actively working to make inroads with voters and with the media, yet she doesn’t see a similar effort from the ex-veep and his team.

“Biden’s best day was his campaign launch. I say this as somebody who really likes Joe Biden and would be happy – skip and hop to the polls – if I could vote for him in the general instead of Donald Trump. But right now, he’s giving me Jeb Bush acid reflux. I want to see him pull this together.”

Navarro continued to say that Biden still has to prove himself as a strong candidate, and when the conversation turned to how the competition is taking bites at him, she said that Biden can’t just “go out there on his cloud of Democratic love and string a harp.”

“He has to prove he can punch,” Navarro said. “People want to see electability and they want to see ‘Can he punch? Will he be able to punch at Donald Trump?'”

She concluded by panning Biden’s tweeted photo of his BFF bracelet with Barack Obama, saying that “isn’t the way to hold on” to the former president’s legacy.

Watch above, via CNN.

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