CNN’s Philip Mudd Pleads With Trump to End Personal Attacks: ‘People Like Me’ Have to Worry About Our Mail


Following a string a pipe bombs targeting prominent Democrats and CNN’s New York offices, the network’s Philip Mudd delivered an impassioned plea to President Donald Trump, telling him to end his personal attacks against his adversaries.

During an interview with Wolf Blitzer Thursday night, Mudd, a former intelligence official, said he agreed with Press Secretary Sarah Sanders‘ point that the commander in chief wasn’t to blame, but argued that what mattered was his fiery rhetoric.

“I’m entirely with Sarah Sanders. You cannot claim that the president of the United States wants somebody to commit an act of murder,” Mudd said.

But things quickly became personal.

“Let me give you a slightly different perspective as someone who’s been on the periphery of this,” he said. “I was attacked personally by the president in a tweet. If you’re walking into this environment today in late October of 2018 and you have to look at your mail, if you have been attacked by the president in this toxic environment, you have to look at your mail in a different way.”

Suggesting he, too, could be the target of an extremist, Mudd called for the president to stop singling out and bullying his opponents, stating “in this environment, please do not use your forum to name people, shame people, and aggressively attack people when your followers might say that authorizes me to do something against them.”

“It’s not whether you’re responsible. It’s whether you contribute an environment that’s toxic,” he added. “Don’t do it because people like me have to go home and say, ‘I can’t have my dad to my house for lunch because I’m afraid maybe there will be a piece of mail that includes a bomb.’ Don’t do it, Mr. President. Don’t.”

Watch the clip above via CNN.

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