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CNN’s S.E. Cupp Calls NOAA Backing Up Trump’s Hurricane Prediction ‘A Five-Alarm Fire’: ‘Crafting Revisionist History’

CNN host S.E. Cupp sounded the alarm at President Donald Trump apparently enlisting NOAA to try to back up his incorrect prediction that Hurricane Dorian would hit Alabama hard.

This is a five-alarm fire,” Cupp said Saturday on S.E. Cupp Unfiltered. “The president and his lackeys spent their time crafting revisionist history because he can’t just say I made a mistake.”

“The stunning lengths he would go to include personally doctoring a day-old official map with a sharpie. Calling a reporter into his office to argue his point as the active hurricane is hitting the U.S. On its actual trajectory, unwise at best, dangerous at worse,” she continued.

Cupp was referring to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s statement that essentially disavowed the National Weather Service in Birmingham’s forecast that Dorian would not impact Alabama–which contradicted Trump’s incorrect-at-the time prediction.

Dorian has not impacted Alabama, instead traveling up the East Coast, but Trump has remained fixated on the state and proving that he was right to predict the storm would hit Alabama.

“Trump could have said he misspoke or ignored it all together but no, he spent the week trying to make it true–enlisting scientists, journalists, government officials in his deranged campaign,” Cupp said.

“This habit of using the government to cover for his inaccuracies, lies and failures is an abuse of power,” she said.

Watch above, via CNN.

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