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CNN’s Sciutto Imagines War With Iran: ‘Will Not Just Take Place on the Battlefield,’ But On Many Fronts With Many Technologies

CNN imagined what a war with Iran would look like on Thursday evening after it was reported that Iranian Quds Force Supreme Commander Qasem Soleimani had been assassinated by the United States in an airstrike.

On CNN Tonight, Chief National Security Correspondent Jim Sciutto claimed a war with Iran “won’t look like the Iraq War in 2003.”

“It won’t look like the Gulf War in 1990. It may not look like any war conflict we’ve seen, because it will not just take place on the battlefield,” he explained, adding, “Iran has enormous capabilities, which it’s already demonstrated in a number of fields.”

“They can carry out terror attacks, whether in the region, on soft targets or military targets. They can attack shipping, we’ve already seen that. They have enormous cyber capabilities. They already attack us with a fair amount of regularity, you can expect more of that,” Sciutto concluded. “So what’s known as hybrid warfare, but a whole host of fronts with a whole host of technologies that take aim at a whole host of targets. And keep in mind, not just military targets, but the potential of diplomatic and civilian targets. Think U.S. embassies in the region, but also economic targets as well.”

CNN Senior International Correspondent Arwa Damon also predicted what the next stage would look like.

“The last time that the U.S. took significant action in the Middle East, the invasion of Iraq for example with the removal of Saddam Hussein… that had unforeseen consequences to a certain degree. You then saw the rise of Al-Qaeda in Iraq that then led to the rise of ISIS,” Damon declared. “This action by the United States, this assassination, is arguably just as monumental, and there are going to be unforeseen consequences to it no matter how much analysts try to play out the different scenarios.”

“We are right now in uncharted territory, and this war, because Iran is most certainly going to be perceiving this as an act of war, is not necessarily going to look like something the region has seen in the past,” she continued. “Iran has a number of very very powerful proxies, not just in Iraq, but also in Syria and Lebanon.”

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