CNN’s Smerconish Gives Trump Some Legal Advice: ‘Stop Being Controlled By Impulse!’


The White House has been absolutely rocked over the past week by bombshell report after bombshell report. Since President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey last week, his administration has had to deal not only with fallout from that, but also stories revolving around Trump’s disclosure of classified info to the Russians, Trump asking Comey to stop investigating Michael Flynn and the president bashing Comey to the Russians, among others.

And, oh yeah, the appointment of a special counsel in the Russia investigation.

This morning, CNN host Michael Smerconish began his program by offering Trump some legal advice in the wake of the ex-FBI Director Robert Mueller being named as the special counsel. As Smerconish noted, this is “official statement” by Washington that if Trump broke the law, he is out, whether by impeachment or criminal indictment.

Explaining that Trump has not been receiving good counsel, or hasn’t been following it, Smerconish listed off a couple of items that POTUS should do in the near future. Basically, Trump should hire a criminal attorney and get a political adviser who will stand up to him.

“You need to relentlessly get to work and stay at work on the problems you were elected to fix,” Smerconish noted, explaining the political advice he should be heeding now.

“But even if you get past your legal issues, the way — the only way — to save this presidency, is to stop talking about this issue,” he added. “Stop being controlled by impulse! Instead, be governed by discretion and the law.”

Smerconish went on to say that Trump’s presidency can be rescued, bringing up Ronald Regan’s second term issues with the Iran-Contra Affair.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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