CNN’s Stelter Bashes Fox News Over Trump’s Cummings Attacks: Fueling POTUS’s Racism With ‘Distorted View of the Country’


CNN’s Brian Stelter opened Reliable Sources on Sunday by dissecting the Donald Trump-Fox News feedback loop that led to the president’s attacks on Congressman Elijah Cummings (D-MD).

As Stelter called out the “pattern of racism” evidenced by Trump’s slams on Cummings and his Baltimore congressional district, he honed in on the fact that Trump’s tweets came shortly after Fox & Friends aired a segment with Republican strategist Kimberly Klacik on Saturday. The conversation focused on footage from Baltimore Klacik gathered in order to suggest the city is completely overrun with abandoned buildings, trash, and vermin.

“[The tweets] are the result of Trump getting distorted information from his friends at Fox News,” Stelter said. “Those friends are actually doing him a disservice.”

After Stelter examined Cummings’ district to distinguish which portions are doing well and which portions are struggling, he drew an equivalence between Trump’s tweets and his recent sparring with the so-called “squad” earlier this month.

“He’s saying ‘go back’ to where you live, even though Cummings sleeps there all the time.”

From there, Stelter noted how Fox boosted Klacik’s profile by repeatedly having her on as a commentator. He continued by critiquing the network for “relying on unpaid guests who went into the neighborhoods and talked to people because she wants to support Trump and tears down Cummings.”

“To cover Trump’s racist tweets, you’ve got to start with those facts. Start with where the information came from, you’ve got to the address why it was coming on Fox, why was Fox doing this segment in the first place?” Stelter said. “There are several problems. One of the problems is that Trump is getting a distorted view of the country from what he sees on a right-wing talk show. This content then fuels his racist tendencies and his never-ending campaign continues.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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