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CNN’s Stelter on Trump’s Media Bashing: Inner Circle ‘Needs to Intervene Immediately’ to Focus Him on Coronavirus

CNN’s Brian Stelter called for those close to Donald Trump to hold an intervention so the president focuses more on dealing with the coronavirus and less on continuing his fight with the media.

The Reliable Sources host joined Brianna Keilar on Thursday to react to Trump’s White House press conference, where the president used his time to complain once again about his critical press coverage.

Stelter called it “incredibly disappointing” to see Trump swat at critics again in the middle of a crisis, plus he said the president “doesn’t seem to want to know or admit” the escalating situation.

“Look, we all know the president is obsessed with news coverage,” Stelter said. “Well in order to get good press right now, he has to concentrate on health care and life-saving efforts. If he’s watching, that’s the message: concentrate on getting more masks and supplies to the hospitals. Do not focus on your grievances. Hospitals are in desperate need today. Not tomorrow, but today.”

Stelter continued to note that Trump’s focus on his media gripes takes away from time where he could be giving his attention to the pandemic. To that point, Stelter had recommendation to those close to Trump.

“I think Republican leaders and others who are in Trump’s inner circle need to intervene immediately to get him back on message…When we have these televised briefings, the entire country is watching. We’re all at home watching these briefings. We need him more than ever to succeed in this moment, and that means letting his anger about the media take a break for the few days.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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