CNN’s Toobin: I Don’t Think ‘Famous BS Artist’ Roger Stone Is Going to Flip


On Friday, CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin made his case for why he does not think Roger Stone — even facing jail time — will flip and turn witness in the Robert Mueller probe.

“You have interviewed him,” Blitzer said during a panel discussion on Stone’s early morning arrest.

He then asked Toobin: “What are the chances he will flip, start to cooperate once he faces the prospect — if he is convicted, he is not a young guy — he going to go to jail for years like Paul Manafort… What are the chances he and his lawyers decide we better cooperate to try to reduce the sentence?”

Toobin replied he didn’t think it would happen.

“I was with Roger Stone in that house two weeks ago. That’s how long and how well I know Roger Stone,” Toobin said. “I don’t think he is going to flip.”

Then echoing a previous comment by Preet Bharara, he stressed, “I don’t think he is a particularly useful witness to Mueller, because to use a legal phrase, he is a famous BS artist. Nothing he says is terribly believable. I think he would rather put on a show at trial.”

He then added if Stone gets convicted, he will hope for a pardon.

“It’s also a different case than [Paul] Manafort,” he further added. “It’s not a money case. Even if Stone is convicted, he’s not looking at the kind of time that Manafort is. It could be a couple of years. It’s not going to be ten years the way it is likely to be with Manafort.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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