Conan O’Brien Delivers (and Butchers) Greenland’s Local TV Weather Report in Island’s Native Language


As part of his “Conan Without Borders” series, late night host Conan O’Brien traveled to Greenland and, to introduce himself to the island, he helped the local TV channel deliver the weather report—in the island’s native language.

And much like President Donald Trump’s failed attempt to buy the world’s biggest island, it did not go well.

“While I was in Greenland I was invited to drop by the local studio, and that’s an offer you can’t turn down,” O’Brien said. Then, a clip from the real broadcast of KNR-TV in Nuuk began, showing a woman news presenter segueing to a T-shirt clad O’Brien standing in front of a digital weather map.

After a short introduction of himself, O’Brien announced he would be giving the weather broadcast in Greenlandic.

“Let’s face it, how hard could it be?” he joked, before gamely launching into the Eskimo-Aleut language. Seconds later, a camera cut to a shot of the TelePrompTer, showing the Greenlandic words that O’Brien was clearly butchering with his on-the-fly phonetic pronunciation. Later, while he continued to drone on, the video cut to the control room, where station employees were shown both laughing at O’Brien and massaging their temples in discomfort.

Despite mangling their language, O’Brien may have made a few new fans in Greenlander. “I swear to God, I was walking through the town of Nuuk afterwards, and people were like: ‘SAW YOU DO THE WEATHER!'” O’Brien said.

The full ‘Conan Without Borders’ special from Greenland airs on TBS at 10:00pm EDT on Tuesday, September 3rd.

Watch video above, via TeamCoco.

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