Dan Bongino Makes Impassioned Plea Against Arresting Trump: ‘When You Put the Handcuffs on Someone, It’s Tough’

On Monday, Fox News commentator Dan Bongino said that, should President Donald Trump ever be arrested, the experience could be emotionally traumatic for him.

Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade asked Bongino about the reports from The New York Times and the Washington Post about FBI and administration officials being concerned with Trump’s conduct on Russia — noting that Trump had enemies in the FBI pursuing agendas against him, plus it’s possible that Robert Mueller‘s final report might not actually bring the president to ruin. Bongino agreed and said someone might be trying to get ahead of the narrative.

“This worries me, guys. Having been a former federal agent, when you put the handcuffs on someone, it’s tough. It really is, you are taking away their life, their freedom,” Bongino said. “If you have an ounce of empathy, that’s a tough thing to do, even with the bad guys. Now imagine if you weren’t a bad guy, like Donald Trump, and you did nothing wrong…How would you feel?”

Bongino concluded by saying there’s “no evidence” to say Trump is guilty of treason, and that the New York Times‘ report is based off of a “fake political document” that only makes the FBI look bad.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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