Dave Rubin Tells Fox & Friends He Cancelled His HBO Account Over Temporary Removal of Gone With the Wind


Libertarian commentator Dave Rubin revealed on Fox & Friends that he cancelled his HBO Max account after the platform temporarily removed 1939 movie Gone With the Wind in order to add “historical context.”

“The classic film from 1939 Gone With the Wind now gone temporarily from HBO as they add historical context to it, and the hit TV shows Cops and Live PD also getting canceled. What does this all mean and how did we wind up here?” questioned host Steve Doocy, before turning to Rubin: “You’ve been talking about cancel culture for about five years, and here we are.”

“Here we are. Well first off, I just want to let you know that I did actually cancel my HBO account yesterday,” declared Rubin, adding, “I’m pretty sure I have some family members that aren’t that happy with me, if you know what I mean.”

He continued, “You may remember a season 7 episode of Seinfeld where Kramer goes to march in the AIDS march and he refuses to wear the ribbon. So he’s doing the good thing, but he just doesn’t want to wear a ribbon, and what happens is the mob decides to beat the crap out of Kramer, and that basically is where we’re at, at this point. What the left has become is a amorphous mob that will take out anyone who does not bow immediately when they want you to bow.”

“I mean the idea we’re going to take Gone With the Wind off HBO, we could take everything off. There is literally every television show ever, I mean, look at Family Guy, the Simpsons, Seinfeld, every comedy will be gone. Curb Your Enthusiasm will be gone. Are we going to take off Police Academy movies?” Rubin went on. “I mean, we could go through the litany of things that might trigger somebody, that might offend somebody. This is art. I mean we’re going to have to go through all our music, all our movies, all our TV shows, and what we’ll be left with is you’ll have to sit in a room with nothing in it and keep quiet.”

Gone With the Wind was removed from HBO due to its’ controversial depiction of black people and slavery, according to HBO. It will return to the platform along with a discussion of its historical context — perhaps as soon as next week.

“This thing is out of control. Where are the adults in the room?” Rubin asked. “Where is someone that is in corporate America that says, ‘No, you know what, Gone With the Wind stands on its own as a movie of its time, and we’re going to leave it there?”

“We don’t need to put a warning before someone watches a movie. We’re not children, and yet we’re being treated like children.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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