Democratic Rep. Says House Should ‘Hold Hearings to Expel’ Marjorie Taylor Greene: ‘She’s Crossed the Line’ in a Disturbing Way


There’s a growing outcry over freshman Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene following recent reporting about a number of insane, conspiratorial comments she’s made in the past few years.

Some Democrats have been calling for her to be seriously reprimanded, if not outright expelled, and even some Republicans have spoken out against her.

On CNN Friday, Congressman Ro Khanna (D- CA) said Congress should hold hearings to consider expelling her.

Wolf Blitzer asked Khanna about colleague Cori Bush moving her office away from Greene’s after what she described as Greene and staffers berating her.

“It’s sad and that conduct would not be acceptable in any workplace,” Khanna said, “Who accepts a colleague coming and accosting you, yelling at you, without a mask? There should be rules against that. And what the sad thing is: most Republicans that I interact with are not like that. I have lunch with them, coffee with them. We work together. There are a few of these people who have taken to social media, made threats, and we should have zero tolerance.”

He said he doesn’t feel concerned about his own safety, while adding, “There are members I know who have felt threatened, some of the women of color in particular have felt vulnerable and death threats, and I think this is coming from a handful of members.”

With respect to Greene in particular, Khanna said, “They should hold hearings to expel her. Let’s look at what she has done. She has tweeted out about assassinating leaders, threats against President Obama and Hillary Clinton.”

“In what environment can you put that stuff out on social media and still have a job? She has really crossed the line. I do not take it lightly to be calling for something like that, but she has crossed the line in a way that is very disturbing,” Khanna added.

House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy is apparently going to be talking to Greene next week.

You can watch above, via CNN.

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