Chris Wallace Denies Rolling His Eyes At Palin; Takes Shot At Scarborough

After his Fox News Sunday interview with Sarah Palin, the show’s host Chris Wallace either rolled his eyes or didn’t, depending on whether you believe MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough or Wallace himself. Whether it matters or not is an entirely separate issue, but the MSNBC accusation was enough to get a response from Fox News and Wallace, who not only clarified that he did not roll his eyes, but said that chatter about the interview has not been focused on him, but on the formidable candidate Sarah Palin.

Then, when asked if he was offended at the accusation, Wallace took a direct shot at his contemporary, saying that he’s “offended that people watch [Scarborough] on MSNBC.” Scarborough called Wallace “embarrassed” and said, “He will deny that, but Chris was sending a message to all his friends: ‘Yes, I know, she is not a serious thinker.'” In his dismissal, Wallace said, “No, is the quick answer to that,” before comparing Scarborough’s reception of a secret message to the serial killer Son of Sam. “I came away from the interview with nothing but admiration for Sarah Palin,” Wallace said.

Here’s the clip, including a super close-up of the disputed eye-roll:

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