Douglas Macgregor Declares Russian Victory: ‘The War Is Really Over for the Ukrainians. They Have Been Grounded to Bits’


Ret. United States Army Col. Douglas Macgregor declared Ukraine has lost the war with Russia and that the country has been “grounded to bits.”

Russia’s war is about to enter its fourth week. Although its military is inching closer to the capital of Kyiv, Russian forces have encountered fierce resistance and endured heavy losses.

Macgregor has been unique among military commentators in that he believes Ukraine should have thrown in the towel by now. In fact last month, Macgregor said the war was basically over before Ukrainians mounted a spirited if not inspired defense that continues to this day.

On Thursday, he appeared with Tucker Carlson to reiterate that point while also declaring Russian victory.

The Fox News host asked his guest about the potential for a peaceful end to the war.

“Actually, Tucker, Mr. Zelensky has mentioned neutrality along with some of the other conditions – autonomy for the Donbas and renouncing any claim on Crimea,” Macgregor replied. “I think in truth, the Russians and the Ukrainians are very close right now to a ceasefire and ultimately to some sort of agreement that ends this tragedy.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky stated on Wednesday that peace talks are starting to “sound more realistic,” but has so far rejected proposals that would undermine Ukraine’s sovereignty. Ukraine also rebuffed a Russian demand that it remain “neutral” in international affairs.

“The war is really over for the Ukrainians,” Macgregor continued. “They have been grounded to bits. There’s no question about that despite what we report on our mainstream media. So the real question for us at this stage is, if there is an agreement, Tucker, are we going to live with the Russian people and their government? Or are we going to continue to pursue this sort of regime change dressed up as Ukrainian war?”

Macgregor accused the U.S. of weaponizing Ukraine against the Kremlin.

“Are we going to stop trying to use Ukraine or anybody else as a battering ram against Moscow?” he added. “We really, really need to live with these people as opposed to kill them. I don’t have an immediate answer, but somebody needs to deal with this because we do cohabit the planet.”

Carlson noted there are 144 million people in Russia.

“But also caught in the middle of this are the Ukrainians,” the host said. “A lot of people who have done nothing wrong and just kind of want to live and not be killed. And yet we interviewed a Republican – one of the most warlike Republican members of Congress last night – who sounded very disappointed and disapproving of the idea that there could be a ceasefire. She wants more war. That feels like a very common reaction in Washington. ‘We want more Ukrainians to be killed.’ Why? I don’t understand that.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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