Dr. Michael Baden: Jeffrey Epstein Injuries ‘More Indicative of Homicidal Strangulation’ Than Suicide


Dr. Michael Baden reiterated his claims that the evidence presented in Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy suggested homicidal strangulation than a suicidal one.

Epstein is the child sex trafficker who had friendly relationships with many high-powered individuals across the political spectrum (including President Donald Trump and former President Bill Clinton.) Epstein died while in custody in a New York City prison while he awaited more judicial proceedings, the authorities of which declared a suicide.

But anecdotal evidence has raised serious questions about the specifics of his death, launching a rather enormous conspiracy theory that Epstein did not kill himself and was likely murdered to ostensibly protect the high-powered friends who he threatened to take down.

Appearing on CBS This Morning, Baden reiterated claims made on a thorough 60 Minutes investigation that aired the night before. After explaining his experience and expertise in reviewing injuries from suicidal hangings and that of strangulation, he made clear what he thought to be true.

“What stood out to me the most what is that the ligature mark was made after a few hours. He had been dead for a few hours at the time he was discovered. And that there were multiple fractures of the Adam’s Apple, the thyroid cart lamb and the hyoid bone that are more indicative of a homicidal strangulation than a suicidal strangulation.”

Watch above via CBS.


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